Kanye West Merch apologized to George Bush in 2005 for calling him a racist?


A few days ago, Kanye West Merch, was one of the most outspoken black men in America. It was interviewed Matt Lauer and asked to apologize to George Bush for calling him a racist. According to Kanye West, the interview was supposed to be about racism and George Bush became a several-day news cycle about poor Kanye and how he is constantly misunderstood. Kanye had the perfect opportunity to address an issue that has caused so much confusion, anger, and distrust among black, brown and white Americans – is racism at the core of American politics?

On an MTV award show in 2005, Kanye West merch declared on national TV that George Bush was a racist due to his slow response to Hurricane Katrina’s predominantly black victims. According to Matt Lauer, Kanye’s remark was the “lowest point in his presidency”. People watched the events unfold in Louisiana over the summer of 2005. The looting and anarchy that took over New Orleans’ streets. The black people dying on rooftops, and brothers and sisters dying on the roads made it an international news story.

We witnessed too many black people suffer and die due to the federal government’s slow response to provide food, water, and medical assistance. Although these events certainly brought out the negative emotions that caused Kanye to call Bush a racist for not providing immediate aid to the predominantly black victims. The truth is that Bush’s slow response was not racial. It was class-based.

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