How to Get Glass Lips With Katie Jane Hughes

has been one of the buzziest Korean excellence patterns to arise lately. The famous K-magnificence pattern alludes to skin that shows up unquestionably smooth, sparkling, and intelligent (like glass) and the pattern has roused a comparative lip look. Glass lips are intended to depict a sulk that has focused energy sparkle and a nearly jam like surface. Making the succulent lip look is really straightforward and requires only two items (indeed, just two!). Ahead, watch as big name and publication cosmetics craftsman Katie Jane Hughes strolls you through how to accomplish glass lips.

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Get Glass Lips with MUA Katie Jane Hughes



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Katie Jane Hughes is a superstar and publication cosmetics craftsman with clients among any semblance of Ashley Graham, Kerry Washington, Anna Kendrick, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and the sky is the limit from there.

Stage One: Use A Transparent Lip Shine Product
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To tell us the best way to make glass lips, Hughes gets going by applying a lively pink lip. “I’m simply popping this on in the focal point of the lip, focusing on the width of the mouth,” says Hughes. While you don’t need to involve precisely the same shade as Hughes, utilizing a lip variety inside a similar variety family as your regular lip variety will help truly make that polished, intelligent appearance.


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Stage Two: Buff The Edges with a Brush

Glass lips are intended to look normal and obscured out, so whenever you’ve applied your variety, you will need to mix it out so the item seems to be lipstick and more like your regular lips. “I will take a brush and relax those edges so it sort of looks stainy,” says Hughes. “The main strategy to the franticness of this look is to steadily fabricate the item and clear the edges with a brush or a fingertip.” Keep Hughes’ tip as a top priority — it’s a lot simpler to put more tone on than it is to eliminate in the event that things are looking a piece over-soaked.

Stage Three: Amp Up Shine with A Lip Topcoat

Keep in mind, the way in to this look is fringe unnecessary sparkle, so you’ll need to utilize a quality lip shine or lip top coat for this step. Following, Hughes presses a portion of the Maybelline Lip Studio Shine Shot Lip Topcoat in Clear Vinyl ($5) straightforwardly onto a spotless brush. “I will go through a straight sparkle and toss it directly over the top for more sparkle. This is simply taking it to a publication level,” says Hughes. You can utilize a reasonable shine like Hughes is utilizing, or a gleam that is in a comparative shade as your lipstick from the initial step.

Hughes says the advantage of utilizing a feathery brush to apply gleam is that it permits you to put it all the rage without focusing on it excessively.

Stage Four: Apply More Pigment

To get done, Hughes applies a greater amount of the Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick in Fuschia Gleam across her lips, tapping it on to add more thought color. She says the subsequent look ought to help you to remember a popsicle. Assuming you like your glass lips extra gleaming, you can include more shine top. Everything without question revolves around your own inclination. Et presto!

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