A “Moisture Sandwich” May Be the Best Way to Hydrate Skin

Some skincare terms quickly arouse your curiosity (think: slugging), and “dampness sandwich” is among the most recent buzzy skincare expressions to catch our consideration. What’s more, we can say thanks to Dieux Skin prime supporter and CEO Charlotte Palermino for putting it on our radar. Her new Instagram reel featured the advantages of hosing your skin as you layer your face and lip items to trap water inside.

To additionally comprehend the reason why we ought to integrate this exceptional stacking strategy into our schedules, we tapped Palermino to separate all that you want to be aware. From how you ought to approach sandwiching your skin and lips to the sorts of items you ought to utilize, the skincare master shares everything beneath.


What Is A Moisture Sandwich?

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Likewise with most popular skincare terms nowadays, the expression “dampness sandwich” reasonable began from Reddit. It alludes to the most common way of layering your skincare items. “I ordinarily allude to sandwiching concerning catching water in the skin and diminishing transepidermal water misfortune,” Palermino makes sense of. “By putting lighter, more watery items on clammy skin and afterward layering something thicker, that water gets caught for longer, considering more hydrated and cheerful skin.”

In her Instagram video, Palermino shows how she applies the dampness sandwich strategy to her face and lips. The strategy somewhat contrasts for every area.

For your lips: Palermino suggests hosing your mouth with regular water, applying a basic cream, and afterward circling back to a thick demulcent. “By hosing your mouth, you’re offering the cream a greater amount of a chance to enter. It gives humectants or water-adoring fixings (like glycerin) in the recipe more to clutch. And afterward utilizing something really “occlusive” (or a fixing that diminishes dissipation of water), you’re offering your mouth a chance to recuperate and absorb all that water,” she makes sense of.
For your face: “Certain individuals have skin inflammation, in which case you will need to be careful around any rich creams as they can compound breakouts. What’s more, in the event that you have dry skin, vaseline may be your new evening time cover,” she says.
Her greatest guideline for dampness sandwiching your face is to ensure you apply your cream to skin that has been hosed with a fog or faucet water. “From here, I apply lotion,” she shares. “Assuming you have dry skin, this is where you could add a face oil and afterward something more like a demulcent, however it relies upon your skin type and environment.”


The Benefits

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Main concern: Following the dampness sandwich routine will improve your skincare experience. “In doing this, you’re simply catching dampness and permitting your skin to get skincare better, Palermino says. “Hosing your face assists with item entrance.”

The skincare master likewise says that this method additionally has a few corrective advantages. “Indeed, you can apply highlighter, however in the event that I layer my skin so that it’s reflexive, that works as well,” she says. “Realizing my skin is safeguarded and hydrated under my gleam is simply one more advantage.”

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The Products

With regards to her lip sandwich, Palermino goes after a reasonable lotion like Neutrogena Hydroboost or CeraVe. She’ll then, at that point, apply Chemist Confessions Balm Voyage ($29) as her clincher. “You could utilize Vaseline, Aquaphor, or any thick chapstick you have lying around,” she tells us. “One brand I’ve been adoring is Hanahana excellence’s Shea Lip Balm ($12). It’s ideal to put over a fundamental cream.”

For her face sandwich, there are several items Palermino is keeping in revolution. Right now, she applies Deux Skin’s approaching serum and afterward Triple Lipid Repair ($128)from Skinceuticals. “Any cream works better when you hose your face first, so don’t feel like you want to drop a lot of cash on a cream,” Palermino says. “I love pharmacy brands like La Roche Posay, Avene, First Aid Beauty, and Cetaphil.”

She’ll commonly balance her evening time routine by applying Aquaphor, Vaseline, or Chemist Confession’s Balm Voyage. However, on the evenings she utilizes a remedy retinoid, she’ll forego this step. “Since these thicker waxes and emollients are occlusive, they can increase the disturbance of actives, so if it’s not too much trouble, skirt on the evenings you’re doing a treatment or remedy that can be bothering,” she makes sense of.

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